Tai Wan Village

Fei Ngo Shan

November 5, 2018

Ace and Becki hiked in one of the parks we have visited before. The leaves were nearly at the height of the fall colors.  Big brother, Daniel, is taking care of Nathan and Elia.  On the right is a photo of Clear Water Bay what Cindy and I visited recently.

Another photo of Clear Water Bay, and on the right, some of the mess still left behind by Typhoon Manghut last month

It does not say "no monkeys" on the signs, so this one decided it was okay to park there!

Yes, the photos below are in Hong Kong. We have one area where there are many monkeys. We took our guests there recently and saw many! We even saw some wild boars. I've been through there many times and it's the first time I've seen them with the monkeys. They can be nasty if cornered.

The little ones are so cute!  The one below is sitting on our car looking for food. Though it's not supposed to happen, people feed the monkeys.

Sunset from our OMS Office window. Though it does not show it well, it was really red.

A photo from our Sunday service last week. If you want to see all the photos I post of church activities, go to https://rivergrace.org