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Tribute to Ivan Kline

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December 28, 2016

These photos were of Ivan around the time that we met him, soon before we left for Hong Kong 1975. Ivan and Rita were married in 1977, so they were just shy of their 40th anniversary.

Christmas 75 or 76. Wrestling with Rita's cousing, Terry....Talking with Rita's Uncle Theron

Christmas 79. Ivan Rita, and Matthew

Ivan, Rita and their three kids, David, Megan and Matthew. Taken probably 1995.

Ivan and our grandson, Daniel. 2004-2005

Cindy's and my side of the family having a reunion together while on furlough in 1979. Rita, Cindy and Bonnie, the three sisters are front and center. Also there's Cindy's mom standing between Cindy and Bonnie, and my Grandma Aufrance behind Cindy's right side. My dad and mom next to granda and my sisteres and brothers in law on the ends.

Matt's wedding in 2004.