Tai Wan Village

Fei Ngo Shan

September 10, 2018

Tai Wan Village where we live as seen at low tide. The building we live in is the one with the orange tiles near the center. We live on the ground floor.

This was one very mixed up tropical depression that came close enough to Hong Kong to bring some rain, but not much wind.

Bedtime back-scratching session with Elia and Nathan before Cindy left the States

First day of school for Daniel and Nathan (Becki is homeschooling Nathan for his first grade)

Elia is enjoying the swing at the playground.

Daniel, marching with his tuba in the Labor Day parade. He'll march with his high school band in January at the Rose Bowl Parade!

Nathan drew this picture for me for Cindy to bring back with her. Nice artwork, Nathan! Thank you, Nathan!

The United Christian College alumni fellowship meets monthly. They are active in sharing the gospel with their former classmates.

In August, our RG family celebrated the birthday of our oldest member. Monica, near the front center in white, celebrated her 80th birthday.